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Me in the Enchanted Forest at Blarney Castle


Welcome to my place on the internet…. well one of several places that I have but my first with WordPress.

My name is Dan Gillmor and I am a high school teacher. I currently reside and teach in northern Alberta, Canada. I am a member of the local volunteer fire service and I am currently the Training Officer for the local Air Cadet Squadron. I love to travel internationally and do this regularly with my high school students. I have two wonderful children and a very supportive wife.

I have been experimenting with writing for a while; some might consider this a bit of a natural extension given that I am an English and Social Studies teacher. I have several other sites where I explore my love of amateur photography, as one living in support of someone with MS and a site where I am exploring some ideas regarding the practice of education.

I write primarily for myself, as I am not sure that what I have to say is all that profound, earth shattering or meaningful – OK it is my hope that maybe some of what I write is any or all of the above; one does have to dream. I have started this site to write….. well I am not sure exactly what but I wanted a venue to share my writing and experimentation with different genres of writing; and perhaps…well lets leave it there for now and see where we end up.

With respect to the technical side of the blogging process I am still a neophyte, learning the rules of the road so to speak and welcome any feedback or advice that those who are more experienced might care to provide. It will be gratefully accepted.

Again, welcome!

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